XCountry and Track At Carman

Track was a very competitive sport at the school I used to go to. Cross country not so much but that didn’t mean it was any easier. It track there was just the almost unbearable feeling of exhaustion after running at least six miles in a circle while you watch all the other event people leave the track to go home before you.

Coach Domer

Our Coach, Ken Domerece was a runner himself so he was pretty hard on us. He’s been all about sports his whole life and got two knee replacement’s just because he trained too much. Even after all that he still runs ten to fifteen miles a day. Whenever we practiced we never ran under six miles. The workouts were consecutive with one minute breaks in between and he always made us run no matter what the weather was. The thing I remember most is his whistle. Whenever he whistled it echoed miles away.  Whenever he whistled I always got a Rush. It felt like we were getting ready for war but to a much lesser extent

cross country team group difference

There were more people that were mean than nice and me not wanting to be bothered I did the same. Track kinda had an unknown set of rules. Number one rule was don’t show any compassion or care for others unless you knew who they were. Second keep your stuff nearby unless you want it stolen by one of the slackers. Third if any one bothers you either expect a fight or know how to avoid one.

The Team Only gets bigger

People that we went against in cross country normally had bigger teams than us so we were kind of hidden. We had five to 6 runners in cross country season while others teams would have  around 10 or most of the times around 20 people on one team. Track we had the same amount of runners as most of the teams but it normally we have mostly sprinters, Because of that the coach would normally put me in the two mile, one mile, and sometimes the four by eight

Some of the friends I know and love

Track was a good lesson and a big part of my life though. For the most part I was taught not to take other people’s garbage. It encouraged me to try things I never thought I would ever want to do. I’ve met lots of people from different schools and experienced things I never thought I would.  I have people that did track that I’m still friends with today. Needless to say I hate track but at the same time I like it.