Why Northland Basketball is the best Basketball.

A team with great coaching makes a great team on and off the court.

Donovan Holcombe, Writer

Northland basketball is more than just basketball. Here we are a team on the court and off the court we all lift each other up weather it’s in the classroom or on the court are team is very welcoming and fun to play on. We are all good teammates and good team players we included everyone in everything we do.

There is no one getting excluded or getting the feeling they are being left out we all joke around with each other and if someone is feeling down we pick them up as a team. Also, we have great coaches that support us. They are very helpful ;Coach Robinson is very funny and can help us understand when we need to focus on something we are doing wrong. Coach Murry does a lot of are skill work training and will also emphasize us playing defensive and us locking in.

During the skill work we work a lot of ball handling, finishing at the rim, good foot work and having great touch around the rim, and also different types of jump shots. Are other helpful coach is Coach Van Hook; he helps us with are defense a lot we will go over defense a lot in practice he makes us talk to each other on defense and builds up the team chemistry he also will lift us up and tell us if he wants one of us to step up and lead coach demands that you give 100 percent of your effort. Thats what I like about this team, nobody quits.

Also our teammates are great coaches to because we can all have a bad day but you depend on your teammates to pick up your slack and pick you up with them. Another great quality this team has is we talk on and off the court to each other it’s not like we only talk to each other because we are in basketball we are all genuinely friendly towards one another on and of the court.