Covid changed Spring Break this year


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

Coronavirus has changed many things over the past year, but it has especially changed the way people travel and where they go. Last year, school was shut down along with many other places due to the virus. No one could leave their house or travel last spring break, but this year some places opened up for travel.

Not many people traveled this year over spring break due to family members being at high risk, but Sarabeth Stivers, a Sophomore, says, “I did travel! I went to Crystal Beach by Galveston and there weren’t really any different things because of Covid. It’s a tiny island so they don’t really take precautions like Houston does.” Which is true because according to TourTexas, this peninsula’s shoreline is only 27 miles. Because the peninsula is so small, this means there are a little amount of residents. The last recorded population of Crystal Beach is 1,835, while Houston has a population of 2.31 million, so there would be less covid precautions in Crystal Beach.

This is a beach in Florida, and as you can see, there are not too many people in the water. There weren’t many people at the beach because of covid and people not wanting to be exposed. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

On the flip side, Meredith Langdon, a senior, says she didn’t travel because “of my family being high risk and not really wanting to go anywhere” which is very reasonable. People haven’t left their house in a year because of the pandemic and family being at high risk, such as Meredith’s family. Meredith also said she is thankfully getting her first vaccine on Monday, so she will be able to go out of the house soon.

As more people get the vaccine, more things will be able to open up and go back to normal. Texas has already removed the mask requirement to enter places, but those companies can still require a mask to enter their building. There are people who still don’t wear a mask into those buildings, putting themselves and others at risk, because covid is still a huge thing happening in the world.

In conclusion, Spring Break and traveling has changed in the past year due to Coronavirus, and it’s still continuing to change. With the mask requirement being lifted and the vaccine, we might be able to go back to normal again soon.