Shooting Victim’s Husband says police detained him for hours

Dalero McNeal, Writer

The shooting victim’s husband, Mario Gonzales, was detained for four hours after a shooting that happened in an Atlanta area massage business last week. He was held by the police outside the spa. Unluckily his wife was one of the seven victims in the attack.

Is the reason why he was detained race related(ABC News)

He remained detained even after the police released video footage of the suspected gunman being captured by the authorities one hundred and fifty miles away from the spa. He questioned if his treatment was due to the fact that he was Mexican. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s office didn’t reply to an email seeking comments on why they had Mario Detained.

Seemingly even after the capture of the gunman that was captured another man by the name of Robert Aron Long was accused of shooting five of the seven including Gonzales’s wife at the crime scene near Woodstock which happened to be 30 miles from Atlanta. Six of the Victims being women of Asian descent and one being a man.

After telling the reporters the day after the incident that Long had “a really bad day and “this is what he did.” Capt. Jay Baker was removed as spokesman for the case. There was also evidence on his Facebook page that he could be racist. They found a shirt with that baker promoted with racist language about Covid last year that blamed Covid spreading on the Asian race.

Another sheriff by the name of Frank Reynolds posted a statement acknowledging that Baker’s behavior wasn’t exceptional as a sheriff and took notice of all the debate and anger that was caused by his comment. Frank Apologized on his behalf.

Mr and Mrs Gonzalez(News Deal.In)

Gonzalez and his wife, Youn, decided to get a babysitter for their infant daughter and went to young’s asian massage to relax. The gunman attacked when they were in separate rooms. Gonzalez was gonna go outside to see if his wife was ok but was too afraid to open the door. Five minutes later the police showed up, detained him, and put him in handcuffs for four hours.

Gonzalez said they had him in the police car the whole time they were investigating. He sat in the car constantly asking if his wife was ok but the cops just ignored him. He said on video that he didn’t know if it was because of his race or because of the law but they treated him horribly. It wasn’t until hours later that he found out that his wife was dead.

The police said they didn’t tell Gonzalez that his wife was dead because it wasn’t confirmed that he was her husband But he still said “he wanted to know earlier.”  Left to raise his daughter himself he states that “the shooter took the most important thing in his life” and that “he deserves to die just like the others.”

I asked one student from Northland for their opinion, “I think that Mr. Gonzales wasn’t treated fairly since they detained him without telling him much information. I feel that it is important, especially in this time where racial equality is an important matter in our country, that they had been more caring and given him updates throughout the ordeal and treated him more how they would have wanted to be treated if they were in his situation.”