Easter Story

Spring break has come and gone. Easter is here, and the festivities are among us. Easter to me means family time. Several family members visit, and enjoy each others presents. Easter is rich with tradition, and heritage.

For easter my family dyes eggs. We the night before the easter bunny comes stay up late dying hard boiled eggs. We make so many different colors, and different designs. We have done this for so long its hard to imagine not doing it! My sister is 23 and is married, I am 19. But despite the age we still very much enjoy this tradition. Then on Easter Sunday the easter bunny has come and gone. And he has hid all the eggs all around the house. then my sister and I go on a mission to find the eggs. The winner is the person who has the majority of the eggs by the end of the hunt. The winner gets nothing except the satisfaction of being the champion for that year. I have won 4 years in a row. “I will win this year” My sister Phoebe said after I asked who will in this year. I plan to be the champion again. This holiday brings a lot of pressure to me. I feel the need to win but n to only to win, but to dominate. I need this win this year. This year there is a cash prize. I physically cannot lose this one. There is an extreme amount of pressure. I must win, and I will win.