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Why I do not celebrate Easter


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

Easter is a Christian festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead three days after he died on the cross. The day Jesus died on the cross is known as Good Friday, which is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary.

While I am Christian, my family and I do not celebrate Easter in a religious context. This is because I am not part of a church, and my parents are not Christian, but agnostic. However, I have always gone to a Christian school, so I have always considered school to be my church. I do celebrate Easter in a religious way at school, but at home we used to do the typical Easter egg hunt and baskets full of chocolates and other candies.

Emma Nelson says she celebrates Easter by “going to church in the morning and then my mom makes a huge lunch because my dads side of the family comes over to celebrate with us.” Which is a nice way to celebrate, seeing the whole family on such a big holiday is always a nice way to connect.

Abbie Wietstruck says, “I normally go to church and sing at church. There is always a good church service and I enjoy the songs. I also normally go to my grandparents house to celebrate and have an egg hunt. Then we normally have a good dessert and lots of candy.” Similar to Emma, Abbie also spends time with her family after church. The main difference between the way these two celebrate is Abbie has an Easter egg hunt.

Egg Hunt
When I was in Elementary school, we would have an egg hunt before Easter break. I am in the green outfit, looking for eggs before it’s time to start. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

Every Easter morning I would also have an egg hunt at my house, also. I got so much candy that I could never finish it all in one day. However, having two separate ways of celebrating Easter always confused me as a kid. I never understood why we never went to church or learned about Jesus when I was at home every Easter like everyone else did. I realized when I got older that it’s because my parents do not believe in God, but they do believe there is something higher than humans.

In conclusion, I do not celebrate Easter because of my own choice, but rather my parents choice. I have never gone to church and have never celebrated Easter with my family in a religious way.