This year has been an extremely weird year for all the people. There are new “rules” which make makes pretty much needed. Masks are required in most places, and don’t work as well as advertised. Unlike some countries in Asia where the practice is more common. Masks are a new thing for the public In the United States of America. The directions on wearing a mask have been quite unclear. For awhile it was said that masks are not gonna help, all the way back to masks are extremely important. The CDC has been too unclear on their expectations. At one point they indicated that masks were not necessary because the covid particles could go right threw them. Then as covid progressed they then came out and told everyone that not only masks work, but also that they would fix the covid situation. This has caused some serious confusion especially within the school. Masks up until very recently have been required throughout the entire campus. The only acceptation is if you’re eating, or drinking. Masks were even required to be worn outside. Like literally when you are outside. Which literally makes no sense at all. Wearing a mask outside was extremely frustrating. I totally understand wearing the mask indoors. I understand that its necessary to wear the mask indoors, that’s how we can slow down the spread of covid nineteen. Obviously a normal school year is a lot to ask for amid a global pandemic. My biggest fuss or complaint was the outdoor mask policy personally I think that’s ridiculous. However recently they changed that policy. I now enjoy taking my mask off when I go outside before or after my classes. My school year has been very good considering the global crisis we have been watching take place. This school year been an experience for sure. But it has been a good year none the less. I was happy to spend my senior year at North Land Christian. It has changed my views on so many things. And finally I can now take my mask off when I go outside!