Education Overseas


Many of you may or may not know that I have lived in three different continents; it can be said that school every where is horrible and a place where many people  don’t want to be. Thats not so true of people who live in places besides American. When I lived in Holland, and Nigeria the education system was a lot different in comparison to the education system in America. The main difference is in Holland,and in Nigeria there was a lot of holidays and there was more time off of school. I attended The American School of Hague or (ASH), and the American International School of Lagos. In Holland where I attended ASH, athletics were in the school, but if you do didn’t do athletics there wasn’t  any in school P.E. So Wednesdays were half days  and we got off of school for time to do Physical Activities.

I  remember that we were learning about the medieval times and it was my whole grade and select grades who were learning and researching about this time period. We had a day that every grade had ranks and the youngest grade started being peasants or serfs ,the peasants had to eat rolls and gravy and chicken that was in stew form and the Kings and Queens, also the more regals noble men, got to eat the normal good foods and fruits, wine (Grape Juice for everybody except the teachers and some seniors were underage.) And that went on for a whole week and the ranks would change  each day younger grades would move up rank and older ranks would move down a rank

Another thing that was different was that I went to an International private school with many nationalities!  Which was always great because it allowed you to learn about different cultures and people from around the world.We had an international day and each classroom would be assigned to a place.  America had two classroom because of the amount of Americans in the our school. It was a day where different cultures could collide.

Overall the experience in school is really what you make it good bad or indifferent.

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