Teacher Feature: Mrs. Fischer

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

Mrs. Fischer, the seventh-grade English teacher here at Northland, came here from teaching at Greenwood Forest Elementary for years. In fact, as a fifth-grade student, Mrs. Fischer was my English teacher and I was happily surprised when I saw her join the Northland community! Mrs. Fischer explained that the ultimate difference between Greenwood and Northland is having the ability “to share the love of Jesus through weekly chapel, small groups, in our classrooms, and individually.” The Christian factor of Northland is a pull for most of the teachers here, including Mrs. Fischer. She explained that “the opportunity to teach in a Christian environment was something [she] prayed about, and God opened the door at the perfect time.”

As I previously mentioned, Mrs. Fischer made a transition from teaching elementary kids to middle schoolers which has “opened [her] eyes to a whole new dimension.” She describes her students as “endlessly entertaining” because of their “conversations, honesty, [and] willingness to learn.” Personally, I have a tough time being patient with kids in that age group, so it takes a strong person to handle so many rambunctious students in one day! In addition, Mrs. Fischer has been involved in teaching English for years, but she noted that if she could teach anything other than English it would be math.

Aside from teaching, I thought it would be appropriate to ask her about her favorite book and author because of her love for English! However, in typical English teacher fashion, ” [she doesn’t] have just one favorite book; [she] have many favorite books.” And the same goes for authors, but Larry McMurtry does write some exceptional fiction novels, according to Mrs. Fischer.

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