Study Tips for Students

Christa Flippen

Studying for a test or final exam can be very difficult at times, especially if you’re having trouble achieving your best results. These great study tips will help you get into the right mentality to perform your best work.

Studying with a group of friends can have its benefits but it also has its downfalls.

Unless you have a group full of super, study crazy friends, try your best to stay away because they tend to get off topic pretty fast. You need to find the perfect environment that suits you. Everyone has different study environments, you just have to find the one that suits you best. Whether you need complete silence or lots of noise, just find what helps you the best.

The phrase you always hear that states that practice makes perfect, is most certainly true. Some of the best ways to practice are making yourself tests, quizzes, flashcards, etc., in order to study and get the best results. Rewriting old notes and turning them into study material is a great and efficient way to memorize your material better.

Studies show that Red ink enhances your memorization of words, spelling, paying attention to detail, and overall accuracy. “If you’re talking about wanting enhanced memory for something like proofreading skills, then a red color should be used,” said Juliet Zhu, an assistant professor of marketing at the business school at the University of British Columbia. 

Last but not least, being in the right mindset affects how you study, which then will determine how well you perform. When you start to study, it is crucial that you start with a positive attitude in order to study smarter. Sometimes it is actually quite difficult to get into that certain mindset. Don’t worry about it, don’t try and force yourself into studying. Just be relaxed and collective when you study, be uplifting and don’t focus on the negative stuff going on in your life.

Studying is not always going to be an easy or enjoyable task. When you have that hard test coming up, that final exam, or even something as simple as a quiz, make sure you follow some of these simple study tips to help you get your best results.

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