How Are Seniors Enjoying This Year Differently From Past Years?

Now that us, the seniors, are ending our tenure in high school, we look at how different this year is to others...

March 1, 2017

As the days go by, the end of our tenure at NCS comes to an end. It may seem like it is months away (which it is!) but we all know that time flies by. Each day that goes by, is another day closer to graduation. This is what most of the seniors have been looking forward to since the start of school, the end. But as the graduation gets closer and closer, it gives me bittersweet feeling. Bittersweet in the sense that we might not be able to see many of our friends again in a long time; but at the same time, we look forward to the end because we want the freedom. We want to experience what life has in stock for us next.


I went around school and asked a couple of fellow seniors how they are enjoying their last year different from others. Brandon Kelly had this to say: “It is a lot better because there is more freedom and most of the teacher’s get that it is your senior year. You are pretty much adults and they treat you as such.” I have to agree with him on this statement. I do feel like I have more freedom since we receive a lot more responsibilities on and off school. We also get the opportunity to leave school during lunch which gives us more responsibility and well-deserved freedom. I asked Michael Carballo, another fellow senior student, the same question and this is what he had to say: “It’s more chill. I like it because it’s more chill. The teachers give you more space to work with stuff since they understand that this our senior year.”


I went on to ask them what have they liked the most and the least about this senior year. Brandon said: “I love off-campus lunch, it gives me a much needed break. I hate stressing about school work, college, and sports though.” I find myself one again having to agree with Brandon on this topic here. I also believe that off-campus lunch is the best thing or one of the best things about being a senior in high school. He also seems very passionate about his dislike in stressing about school work, college, and extracurricular activities. I understand him though, I can grasp the idea of how it can take such a big toll on you. That toll seems to get heavier and heavier as the year goes on but we just have to stick through the process and not give up. Anyhow, Michael had this to say about the same question I asked Brandon Kelly earlier: “The thing I like the least is the fact of knowing that this year is going to be the last time I’m going to be able to see a lot of my friends. But the aspect that I like the most about high school is our break during lunch and the availability that our school gives us to be able to go out and eat.” It seems obvious the popular choice that most people like about being a senior is going off-campus during lunch.


I want to thank my friends Brandon Kelly and Michael Carballo for answering these couple of questions. Now, lets end this year with a bang!

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