Spring Break in Houston

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

Whether you will be spending next week binge-watching Parks and Recreation or you’re traveling half-way across the globe, spring break is an exciting time for everyone. Spring breakers are notorious for being wild, but if you’re not going anywhere it could be tough to discover a way to have fun at home. Therefore, I am dedicating this article to show you fun and unique things you can do in your hometown!

  1. Visit NASA. “Houston, we have a problem,” is a common quote we here in movies and tv shows, which has contributed to Houston’s fame as Space City. However, not many Houstonians can say they have actually visited NASA firsthand and explored the technology that made our presence in outer space possible. If you decide to visit NASA, there a few specific things you should check out: Rocket Park, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (a giant pool where astronauts train), and the Mars Yard (where NASA engineers test out spacecraft used on missions to Mars!).
  2. Go star-gazing. Sticking with the theme of Space City, I also wanted to point out a hidden Houston gem: the HMNS George Observatory. The observatory is located in Needville (just 40 miles southwest of downtown) and is open from 3-11pm on Saturdays only. Although it has limited hours, it is well worth a trip. Several three-domed telescopes offer guests a stunning view of the Milky Way and offer a glimpse into a largely unknown world.
  3. Pig out at a food truck. Recently, Houston’s culinary scene has begun to match that of Austin’s and LA’s, especially with the help of some noteworthy food trucks! Food trucks started as a “hipster” version of fast-food, but have now become widespread and popular. Some of Houston’s most prestigious trucks include The DoughCone, Smoosh, The Waffle Bus, and Bernie’s Burger Bus.
  4. Find street art. Just like our growing food quality and quantity, Houston’s artistic community is also expanding. In fact, driving through the Heights or Montrose can lead you to find some fascinating murals and sculptures. This link provides a handy list of the best local art, which are all free to browse and photograph! 
  5. Have a picnic. Despite popular belief, Houston is a beautiful city with a lot of green grass to offer. If there are any sunny days over the break, I strongly encourage you to make some Nutella sandwiches, grab a blanket, and bring your dog to enjoy some breathtaking views of the city at Eleanor Tinsley Park or Discovery Green. In addition, Memorial Park’s seclusiveness offers a wide range of great picnic options (p.s. bring a bike to take advantage of Memorial’s extensive biking trails).

Although I have merely listed 5 activities Houston has to offer, there are many more waiting for you to explore! Houston is a great city, overflowing with culture and entertainment, so don’t waste your spring break on the couch. For seniors especially, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to spend time in the city that raised you if you plan on leaving this fall!

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