Tom Brady’s Missing Jersey Finally Found

After Super Bowl 51, Tom Brady's jersey was stolen from the locker room...

Tom Brady's Missing Jersey Finally Found

Héctor Rivas-Cabán, Writer

Tom Brady and the Patriots completed an amazing, if not the best ever, comeback in football history by beating the Atlanta Falcons. After the game, Tom Brady took his jersey out and placed it in his black leather bag in the locker room. After leaving his jersey there, he went to the field once again to answer media questions. After finishing his media interview, he went back to the locker room and celebrate with the team that helped him accomplish that outstanding of a comeback.

Shortly after arriving in the locker room, Brady realized his jersey was no longer in his bag. There’s a video of him looking thoroughly in the bag but could not find it. After giving up, he joked and said: “If anyone sees eBay and the jersey is on sale, let me know.”

To Brady’s delight, the jersey has finally been found. There is no specific date to know when the jersey was found but the search did take over a month to be recovered. The suspect has been recognized and has already resigned from his job. Mauricio Ortega, former director of the tabloid La Prensa and also main suspect in the investigation, stole the jersey and took it to Mexico. As of today, there have been no charges filed against him. The jersey has been returned to a Boston facility, where Tom Brady is expected to pick it up and hang it up in his “man cave” or wherever he desires.

If Mauricio Ortega is in fact the thief, this would not be his first time stealing from Super Bowl victors. Tom Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl 49 also went missing. (The jersey has also been returned to the facility where Brady is expected to pick it up). Von Miller’s pads from Super Bowl 50 were also stolen and found in the same place where Brady’s jersey were found. In other words, if Mauricio was in fact the thief, we can reach to the conclusion that he was an experienced thief from Super Bowl victors.

The outstanding part of all this spectacle is that the locker rooms are heavily guarded and secured. Many people question how this guy simply walked in, stole the jersey’s or pads and left out. If you think about it, it truly took more than a month to recollect all these objects, it took years to find them. And the guy did not stop either. He was not intimated by the fact of his acts and what they could have as a consequence. Another mind-boggling aspect of all this, is that the thief stole from the MVP’s of the Super Bowl. Those players get the most popularity after such big games and the thief was still able to steal the jersey’s and pads.

In the end, the story had a happy ending for Brady, who actually earned the right to keep the jersey.