JJ Watt Injury

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JJ Watt has been the face of the Houston Texans organization since his rookie year. In 2011 the Texans drafted him as their first-round pick. People actually booed him as he was selected. After that, there have not been any boos since then. He has won many awards, including the defensive player of the year. Last year though, JJ Watt suffered a back injury. It ended up being a season-ending injury. He made his way back, though, for the 2017 season. But on Sunday night he suffered a broken leg and is forced to have surgery. This has also been classified as a season-ending injury. JJ Watt said he is heartbroken. He was so excited to be back on the field this year. A couple of our classmates, Cameron Bailes and David Morsi, had some comments on the Texans. Bailes said, “The Texans are done.” Morsi stated, “Deshaun Watson will carry the team.” Even though JJ Watt is done for this season, Houston fans know that he will work harder to get back on the field.

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JJ Watt Injury