Joining Soccer: The Best Decision

Emily Yu, writer

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This is the first time for me to play soccer, and it is a new thing for me. I never had imaged that I would join the team of soccer, because I even never play it before. I still remember the first day I went to soccer practice, I felt expecting and a little nervous. I did not know what will happen and if I could join it easily. In fact, it is not like my imaging, and I felt really good and excite at first. Soccer is like a new thing, and it runs in my life.

  We played our first game, and we won it. We all were really happy and excited. But when I back to home; I found that I even did not do anything on game, and I could not do a good job. From that time, I began to afraid to practice, because I felt really sorry to our team and others. I didn’t know how can I play it well and get points. But friendship is always one of the warmest things in the world. When I miss a ball or do something wrong, all of my teammates just encourage and forgive me instead of blaming me. And they even tell me how I should do in different situation. I am as a new player; I am really glad that I can recognize and know them.

 Now, I still cannot do really well, but I make progress. At least, I can touch it and send it. And I can work hard on the game and believe our team. Also, I have many new friends and I know more on a new sport. I begin to understand what the spirit of sports is. It is enough and important to work hard during the game or practice. Life is not always difficult, there will be something that is beautiful happens.

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Joining Soccer: The Best Decision