“Do Today’s Teen Really Need ‘Love, Simon’?” Yes. Yes, they do.

Alli Fordyce, Writer

This week, Time faced ridicule on Twitter from their controversial article over the “groundbreaking” film Love, Simon. The article claims this box office hit isn’t needed in our day and age. Writer, D’addario, claims his generation would have benefited from this film more than ours. This statement in flawed because who is he to say what the younger generation needs? Is he a high schooler in 2018? No.

Love, Simon is not only a groundbreaking, accurate film for a teenage audience about what it’s like being gay in 2018, it’s also a movie of a widely diverse cast. Representation is needed in Hollywood and made the film even more real.

Although I do agree with D’addario when he points out how Simon, the main character, is an attractive, masculine male, making his peers’ acceptance for his queerness and his booming popularity at school easier to obtain.

Overall, the movie was beautiful and a inside look on the life of an American teenager; especially those battling with a secret. Teens do need Love, Simon.