Museum is a really good place to visit

Emily Yu, Writer

  I think everyone has been to museums and visited it. In the beginning, I thought it is a boring place, because I just looked around and saw what are all exhibits look like in the museum. When the last time I went to museum, it was organized by school, and our history teacher also went with us. She discussed the history of every object. It made the tour interesting and valuable. That short trip made me realize that museums are a really wonderful place to visit.

First, most exhibits in it has a really different history. Some of them even exist for more than five thousands years. We can know many knowledges about history and it is not same as the knowledges on the textbook or we learnt on the class. It mixes our opinions and its background. From some simple tools that were used by some old people, we can understand how people lived in the past and their own culture in their period. As well as the history and culture of people, animals is also another part. From their bone, we can how they evolvement and grow up; how clever they are and what ways can be used to live or eat for them. So museum is a really interesting place to learn history of this world.

Second, we can compare the differences between old things and culture and modern life. Some really useful inventions’ ideas are from ancient things. We also can understand how this world develops, and how much it has changed. So it helps us to realize developments make our life more and more convenient.

So museums are really useful and interesting places to learn some knowledge that can’t learn form school.