Outcome of March For Our Lives

Alli Fordyce, Writer

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This past weekend, the largest single day protest took place in Washington, outnumbering the Women’s March in January after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

According to Click2Houston, over 15,000 Houstonians marched downtown to express their passions for gun reform. Most faces in the large crowd consisted of high school and college students, which accurately portrays the #marchforourlives movement.

Teachers and students took the stage at this march and gave speeches about their concern for the current state of our country.

A lot of Northland students expressed their opinion on this hot topic through social media and Athena Sarghos says, “In a time like now, the only thing the people really have is their voice because inequality and oppression are continuously growing.”

Marches not only took place in America, but also in countries like Paris, Tokyo, London, etc. This movement has taken the world by storm with the power of America’s youth.



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Outcome of March For Our Lives