A glance into a causal week of Dustin Herrera

Edward Li, Writer

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At the beginning of last Monday, the first period Journalism class was all instructed to write a news article related to Northland. Struggling to pick a topic, Senior Edward Li spotted other Northland Student making his way into our campus from the parking lot long after the bell. The star student Dustin Herrera’s life attract everyone’s attention. People are definitely concern about the way he lives his life. Therefore without further ado, please read this journal about how many days and how late does the mighty senior Dustin Herrera arrive to school late in the week.

Monday: Arrived at 8:24, LATE, classic.

Tuesday: Arrived at 8:32, LATE, might have given up.

Wednesday: Arrived at 8:08, LATE doing better, but didn’t do his hair this day though.

Thursday: Was not able to track on him today. According to the man, however, “just a bit late to school”.

Friday: Arrived at 8:12, LATE, also the end of this observation.

By the end of this lab, we should develop a sense of sympathy for the teacher who has Dustin in the first period.

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A glance into a causal week of Dustin Herrera