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The 2017 – 2018 school year has been busy for the Li, he has done pretty much everything but studying on this school year, and that is probably one of the things that made this school the best year for him.

To be fair, The Li actually studied during the first semester, and this is why all of his best moment this year is all during the second semester into 2018. There are two most memorable trip that was his favorite trips of all time…this school year…in 2018.

First was when the Li went to Vancouver, Canada dying the spring break with his cousin. He got a chance to really nice local Asian restaurants and hiked some forest mountain still with snow on it back then. And unlike many of the vacations, this one was nice and claim. I spent most of my times with family and friends to the rivers and to the mountains because frankly there are just not that much museums to visit there (Roasted)

Then it was some good old time in Texas with the Garzas, we visited Alamo, San Antonio during one of those long weekend. It was a good stay there and we got to walk around the river walk and were just lucky enough to caught a parade called the flower parade while we at it. And we eat at a BBQ place call the Smitty’s market on the way back.

His Senior year was great, the Li really enjoyed it while he’s at it. And he for sure will bring  that joy all the way to college next year. It’s a UC Davis btw if any of y’all wanna visit.

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Write Edward’s year in Review