Cameron Bailes, Writer

Emmalee Schraeder is a very interesting person that has different views on these questions asked to her. She is a type of person who could never give up ice cream, and when asked about describing her family in two words, she said that her family was crazy and loud. She, just like everyone else, take melatonin to help her fall asleep whenever she can’t sleep. Whenever I asked her what her favorite day of the week was, she said that she like Saturday the most because it was the middle of the weekend. At about this time last week and where she was, she answered that she was hanging out with Jerry, which is her boyfriend. She also said that she likes dogs more than cats as pets, because dogs are more playful. When asked if she would go 500 years into the past, or 500 years into the future she said that she would want to go back 500 years and learn more about the past. One thing that she would give to her family, in particular her moms side, she would want to get them a new house. She is also not a big selfie taker, when asked about how many selfies she had take she said “none I don’t really take selfies”. She would’ve wanted to know in the past what she knows now is that the tooth fairy isn’t real.

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