Why I am Joining Soccer This Year

Joel Quintela, Writer

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After my regretful retirement from the great sport of football due to injuries, I’ve decided to dip my toe into the great sport of Football this fall/winter season. Not American football but soccer. Even though I am personally trash at dribbling, passing and shooting a foot-ball, this is still quite the exciting venture. Most of my time spent would be focusing on my defensive game of course. Also, the running up and down the field is definetly a good way to get some exercise throughout the rest of the year.

Now, I know we won’t be the best team to have walked the soccer field, but we low-key have chance of taking it to the cup. I mean my stellar defensive skills will definitely add some well needed physicality to our game, but the new coach for the year seems like a pretty chill dude. I can’t wait to tear up the field with my slide tackles and constant handballs.

I have never been much of the athletic type. Whether it was my short stint as a track star or my illustrious middle school football career, the amount of success I have experienced in athletics varies. The football side was especially iffy. During track I left the program a little earlier than expected, so my potential as the next Usain Bolt was never realized; But now with football I really did feel a sense of accomplishment and growth throughout the three years. Still wasn’t thrilled with the whole thing, but it had it’s moments. This feeling of accomplishment is really what I’m looking for this year in soccer. We are probably gonna be slightly terrible, but I’ll definitely not take it for granted like I did football and track.



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