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Joel Quintela, Writer

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So, if you have read my previous articles on this topic, you would know that I’m an absolute novice on the topic of soccer gear. I don’t know how the shin gaurds work honestly. If i get kicked in the shin, will it just stay or move up or down my leg? Are the socks tight enough where they don’t move? And on the topic of socks, does the school provide us with official northland socks or not? I know the uniform will probably be handed out, but I don’t know if the socks come with the whole package. Also what type of cleats will be required. Im not a “striker” or whatever its called so I’m not gonna wear pointy steal toed cleats I think. I can’t use my football one cause I’m pretty sure there to small for me.

Now, on the topic of us being good, we won’t be. I think with enough effort, we can pull out a couple wins, but don’t be surprised when the major Ls come flying down on us. We will be a smallish team so fatigue and stamina will be a problem. I probably will bench warm a majority of the season. If I was actually playing though, I’d be huffing for oxygen real quick.

In conclusion, I’ve experienced major Ls before and have gotten used to it. I just really look forward to having fun, and maybe getting in shape. Also my lock down defense will absolutely destroy the opposition so I’m ready to test myself in this new frontier of my sports career.

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Joel Quintela, Writer

Although he don't know a lot about his child hood, Joel does know that dressing up as Sportacus, caterpillars, and enjoying what snow there was to be had...

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Soccer update