Why My Cowboys Are Doing So Bad

Joel Quintela, Writer

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As a long time fan of the cowboys, I have had my share of hardships. Constant mediocrity, the Des caught it situation and the wasting of many great talent like Demarcus Ware, Dez Bryant, Tony Romo, Demarco Murray, Jason Witten and Tyron Smith. These great talents only have one ring between them, and that ring was won with the Peyton Manning’s Broncos. Sufficet to say, there were always two main factors to Dallas’ “so close yet so far” decade. Defense and Management. These two things have been so soul crushingly dissapointing that it hurts.

Defense this year has been very promising. Secondary cordinator Kris Richard was a great addition and his pairing with the young talent of the Dallas secondary is genius. Kris Richard coached one of the best secondaries in the 2013 Seattle Seahawks. This acquirement was a win both on the defensive front and managment. The Cowboys have also built up a skilled Dline and linebacker core that looks impressive when it performs at the level that it is very much capable of. “So ya’ll have a good defense, you’re still trash!” Yes we still are trash, and this is why. Jason Garret and Jerry Jones. Im done with these two. Jason Garret is an idiot, the least we could have done to avoid his trashness was to sign Romo as an offensive coordinator or something. Its not like he couldn’t fill a Scott Linehan sized hole after the replacement. Dak Prescott without Romo giving him advice on the sideline is hot garbage. Dak was never supposed to play at this level this early in his career, and throwing him into a league with a lot of capable defenses and arming yourself with one of the most predictable play calling schemes, and you have a recipe for disaster. Speaking of horrible decisions on offense, letting go of our top receiver because he challenged your authority Garret, is not how you win games. We signed a bunch of second string wide receivers and Dak constantly ignores the best guy we got running routes in Beasley. It’s a pretty messed up situation and until Jerry Jones or Garret hangs it up, I don’t we’ll get another Super Bowl to out name.

Sorry for my poor grammer, I’m on a deadline and I’m only running through this once. That is all I have to say about the Cowboy’s. I didn’t get to mention a couple of things but I feel I got my point across. Again, I am not a football genius so I’m probably not right about a lot of things.

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Why My Cowboys Are Doing So Bad