Keeping Up With The Soccer Stars of Northland

Joel Quintela, Writer

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Now, with the month of October concluding, my long awaited soccer career is upon the horizon; only 15 days out of my reach. As this will be my last “before season article” I’d be rather remise if I didn’t include my fellow peers in this legendary duo. I have set up a line of questions that have been tailored for them specifically and will hopefully yield entertaining and thought-provoking results.

These two interviewee’s are…

Gerardo Sanataria, a shoe-in for the Middle School Soccer MVP award, but was surprisingly snubbed out and is looking to prove himself in an elevated league. Marcos Bell, he’s half British and half Mexican, so he is bound for soccer greatness. These two are believed to be the future of NCS soccer and I’m looking foward to giving them a good talkin’ too.

Gerardo Santamaria (Freshman)

Joel: What are your thoughts on the controversial snubbing you experienced in the MS soccer MVP award?

Gerardo Santamaria: I remember the snubbing like it was yesterday, I think I was underappreciated during the whole season even though I had the most goals and assists. I was also the reason why we won most games, and when we lost 4-1 and 6-1, I got us those couple of goals that made us look better. I think I deserved it but oh well, its just a middle school award that would’ve been stuffed behind a shelf eventually.

Joel: What would you like to prove in the HS league?

Gerardo Santamaria: I hope to score many goals and provide many assists for my team this season. I hope to help my team on and off the field as much as I can. I hope to better myself in my soccer skills as well. I hope to prove that I can play on the starting team.

Joel: How are you gonna change your level of play this year?

Gerardo Santamaria: Will try to be more serious this season during practices and stuff. I will play the same way though, the swole way, as always.

Marcos Bell (Sophomore)

Joel: Did you do anything to keep yourself from losing your touch during your absence from the field?

Marcos Bell: Yes.

Joel: How do you think you will mend with this new squad this season?

Marcos Bell: Not much, I don’t work well with bad coaches.

Joel: What are your expectations for the season as a team?

Marcos Bell: To win a few games if lucky.







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