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♡ An Awesome Experience! ♡

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♡ An Awesome Experience! ♡

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As Cross Country comes to end at Northland Christian, there were some happy and sad people! Happy that the pain is over and sad that we won’t run as a team for a while. Recently, Northland’s Cross Country Team traveled to the State Meet to compete in Waco, Texas! The team learned plenty of things and had so much fun at the same time.

One of our highlights from our state meet was when we went to Walmart at 10 pm. We searched through the whole store looking for a game to play at the hotel. People were looking for drinks, some were in shopping carts, and people looking for deodorant. Yes, deodorant. We also had a time limit, we had to get back to the van in ten minutes. Which made everything much more stressful but so funny.

Another highlight of our trip to State was when we were playing a card game. You would think this would all be fun, but you’re wrong. It was competitive, painful, and just rude. We played a game where you had to slap the card and whoever gets it keeps the card. Let’s just say that was the most painful and confusing card game I have ever played in my life. Playing the game also came with crazy competitive people who wanted to win. To make things shorter, it was very scary.

One of our third favorite highlights was when we ate at BJ’s. We enjoyed the food so much! There were people chugging seven glasses of water, and people tearing up the pizookie’s (a huge chocolate chip with ice cream on top). We relaxed and had a great time enjoying the food.

In conclusion, I’m going to miss my wonderful cross country team. But I’m also glad to spend an awesome experience with them. ♡

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♡ An Awesome Experience! ♡