Northland’s Fall Festival

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Northland’s Fall Festival

Trinity Polk, Writer

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Tomorrow, on November 15, 2018, Northland is having a Fall Festival. The Festival will start at 3:30 to 6:30! This event will be located at the Secondary. Individual tickets will cost fifty cents, twenty tickets plus two bonus tickets cost ten dollars, forty tickets plus five bonus tickets cost twenty dollars, and a hundred tickets plus twenty bonus tickets cost fifty dollars. You can be able to purchase tickets by the entrance of the cafeteria the day of the event.

I interviewed Freshman Danielle Rangel to see her experience at the festival.

Did you have fun at the festival?

Danielle said, “Yes because I was running around with my friends.”

What was one of your favorite games?

“The fish game, because you got a fish,” Danielle added.

Did you go to jail?

Danielle said, “Yes.”

How was it?

Danielle went on to say, ” It was okay. because I was chased around, and I paid for my friends to get in jail.”

Did like any of the food at the festival?

“I liked the pizza and the nachos, they were salty,” said Danielle.

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