My Stressful Life As A Freshman!

Welcome to my stressful life! :)

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As you roll into Freshman year, you hope that it would be easy. Until life hits you hard, and now I’m just a mess. I always thought life would be easier getting older, but all of that was just a fat lie. After a long day, I might have to go to a soccer game, I have to study for three classes, practice my violin late at night, and then I start doing my homework. Yes, this is my life 24/7 so far.

In High School, my least favorite thing is studying. Sometimes over the weekend or during school, I spend two hours writing information down just to remember it. Yes, I have to do that. I find it easier than studying for the whole week. Every week in High School there is at least a quiz every week. And then sometimes there can be so much information where I stay up to freaking one in the morning. Which is actually not that bad, but it is for me.

Practicing for Orchestra can be kinda hard sometimes! When I usually have a game, I’m either always too tired to bring my violin home or its too late to even practice it. Also carrying around a huge violin case can be very annoying to me after a game because I’m always too tired.

After studying, eating, practicing, and playing soccer games, I finally start doing my homework, which is the annoying part. When I receive long pages of homework after a game is so stressful. Because after a long game of running and kicking you’re exhausted and you have to study and do homework. Welcome to my stressful life! <3


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