The Team That is not Back

Marshall Ingram, Editor

The University of Texas football has some of the most naive fans in all of sports. The Texas Longhorns have had some historical seasons, but that was a long time ago. We live in the present. If they want to live in the past that is their choice, but it is irrelevant to the present. Longhorn Network has shown that they like to live in the past when they only play highlights from the 2005 season. Longhorn football might have had a better record this year, but it does not mean they are good by any means. There are many reasons why they are still not back.

The University of Texas Longhorns are 9-4 in the 2018 season. Sure, they had a big win against Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry, but it is a rivalry game. Any underdog is going to bring their best game in a rivalry game. The Sooners’ starting quarterback, Kyler Murray, had the worst game of his career as well. OU also showed that they are the superior team in the Big 12 championship. The Longhorns conference, the Big 12, is also very weak this year. There are no teams with any good defenses, and only a few who are in the top 25. Only one of their wins are above 15 points on their opponent. That is even against bad teams. Needless to say Texas football is not back.

When someone says that Texas football is back I just laugh at them. I give them a list of reasons why and then they realize that their beloved Longhorns are not as good as they thought they were. It’s okay though. They can always go look at Longhorn Network, and watch the 2005 season.

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