Mavericks = Best in the league

All that have followed the basketball news cycle recently should know that the Mavericks are the real deal. Between Luka Dončić’s ROTY bound season, the best bench in the league backing up a young starting core and an underrated coach (along with mentorship of an MVP in Dirk Nowitzki) leading a squad that melds to his system almost perfectly, us Mavericks fans got a lot to look forward to. Hey, we might even make the playoffs if the former Houston powerhouse can’t regain their footing (they will) or any of the other struggling playoff capable teams continue to get lost in the hunt.


I didn’t write this to talk about why the Mavericks are gonna make it to the WCF or anything as far fetched as that, but I decided to talk about the two things that might pose a problem in the future. The first problem might be who will fill the Deandre Jordan sized whole that would form if he left after this season. I mean, resigning Deandre Jordan would be nice but i personally don’t think he is a 24 mill center personally. The Bench is easily the 2nd best part of this Mavericks team. They have been so consistent and dominant over other team’s rotations that their is little to complain about. I don’t know what type of contracts we got them on, but I do hope we can keep the main 4-5 guys that have been killing it this season and into the primes of Luka and DSJ and their own primes. JJ Barea is going up in age himself but he has Jalen Brunson to run point after his retirement.


That my garbage write up about why the Mavericks will be the first franchise to go on a 9 year consecutive NBA championship winning run. Hope you have also seen the light.

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