Resolutions with Trinity!

Let’s talk about those New Year Resolutions.

Resolutions with Trinity!

It’s finally the new year! Great, another five months of school! During my break, I barely did a thing but volunteer, shop, and hang out with my family. Every year during Christmas break, I’m either sleeping in, eating all the food in my house, shopping, deciding what my resolutions be this year or playing games.

This year, I actually came up with a resolution, let’s just say that didn’t last long. My goal this year was to become a vegetarian! The thing is that I failed on the first day of the new year.

I was looking for some healthy food to eat in the fridge and saw a box of chicken wings. Of course, this did not end well. I sat down for five minutes deciding should I eat the wings are not. Next thing you know, I’m on my bed eating three pieces of chicken. This was a wonderful start to the year!


Every year, anytime there is a break or days we are out of school, that day is my day to relax and eat.

Yes, eating.

Eating and binge watching tv shows and movies are one of my specialties. My whole Christmas Break was about watching movies and tv shows and ,of course, eating. For once this year, I watched shows that I’ve never thought I would watch before. I’m still on the first episode or two but I’m getting the hang of it.

During Christmas Break, I also look for gifts for my friends and family. Staring in the seventh grade, my friends and I decided to bring gifts for each other. It’s fun seeing each other faces while opening each other’s gifts.

But shopping for my family is a whole different story. I only see my family a couple times a year, so it’s hard to tell what they want for Christmas. So my mom and I just assume what they would want. It’s hard to tell is my four-year-old cousin likes barbies now or does she still like Minnie Mouse. Or if my seven-year-old cousin still likes this certain basketball team or if he wants toys anyway. When it all comes to the end it’s exciting to see all of us together as a family.

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