Soccer Exodus

Joel Quintela, Writer

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If you haven’t known this already, the Men’s high school team has been having some problems keeping there players on the team. Ive decided to get down to business and ask one the many people who have jumped ship.

For some background, I am interviewing a player who was around the team for a respectable amount of time and should have some interesting and knowledgeable insight onto what “went wrong” and why they didn’t stay on board till the end of the season.

The Interview

“So, i’d like to start this conversation off just by saying, why did you do it? Why’d you quit?” I asked.

“I quit soccer due to my lack of passion for playing and how lame the whole thing was. I didn’t enjoy the overall crappy vibe it gave out.” said Anonymous

“I assume you didn’t enjoy your time on the team then.”

“Yuppers, I didn’t enjoy my time on the team. 95% of the time it was pretty bad.”

“What kind of role did you play on the team?”

“My role on the team was important on the field; I play a very important modified role. Off the field I wasn’t of any use most of the time.”

“What is it life like off the team?”

“Life after soccer has been much easier, I have a way more time to do homework and studies. And fifa occasionally.”

“Now, as a final question, how do you think the team will play after your departure?”

“I think the team will do ok after my departure, they are actually starting to win games surprisingly, I think I was like a curse lifting up off them or something.”

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