Just Joely things: Super Bowl

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As most of y’all know, the Super Bowl is coming round the corner and it’s gonna be bad. Last year we had the eagles vs patriots and I might hate the Eagles, but it still made for a nice matchup and cool little story and probably will be one of the more memorable Super Bowls. But this one just sucks. First of all, both of the teams that I was looking forward to watching (Cowboys and Texans) were taken out before I would’ve liked. Now all that’s left is the old, crusty patriots and their geriatric lookin self against the Rams. I really don’t like the Rams. Not only am I still salty about the Cowboys loss but L.A. sucks. It’s garbage. Honestly I wouldn’t really know though but I just don’t like the vibe the Rams give off. When I ask myself who I want to win though, it always comes out the Patriots. I think it’d just be really cool to see Brady and Belichick rack up more rings into the twilights of their career. Overall through I’m just biding my time until the NBA playoffs kick off.

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