~♡Secret Relationships?♡~

Do you have a secret relationship? Let’s talk about it!

~♡Secret Relationships?♡~

It’s that time of the month! As Valentines Day is a few days away, people are already freaking about the items they will be having. I’m not focused on the gifts, I’m focused on the tea (not really). As everyone at Northland assumes who is dating, I decided to talk about this topic in general! Sorry, no tea today sis!

In a general “Secret Relationship”, it is where a person or both people decide to keep their relationship a secret as it says in the name. The thing is what I want to figure is why they choose to keep their relationship a secret! Usually, its because they don’t want the family to know, they are embarrassed, and more. While I was researching this topic, they were so many stories and etc. about how to have a secret relationship or why you shouldn’t, Interesting.

As I said before, there are many people who assume who are dating or if they have a crush on them. This is usually not a common thing, because many girls at Northland (mainly Freshman, but not all) aren’t attracted to the boys here. Sorry dudes! But if you think about it, you actually wonder… Is there actually a secret relationship around you?!


What is a secret relationship? I obviously know the answer to this, but I also wanted to see other students have to say! I asked Freshman Danielle Rangel and Elisabeth Alery to see what she has to say!


“I think that secret relationships are okay, I guess. I think people want to keep it a secret because they don’t want people commenting on and stuff,” said Rangel.


What is your opinion on secret relationships?

“I think they are bad,” said Alery.

Alery went on to say, “I think people do it because someone in their life doesn’t like the person they are with.”


Do you think there are any people at Northland who has a secret relationship?

“Yes I do,” said Alery.


If you would ever be in a relationship, would you keep it a secret, why?

“No, I wouldn’t because I think that if u like someone then you shouldn’t have to hide it,” said Alery.