Middle Vs High School Track

Let’s talk about the difference between the two!

Middle Vs High School Track

At Northland Christian, February 16, 2019, we are having our first Track meet of the season! As you transition from Middle School to High School, you start to realize how so many things have changed!

One thing that has changed through my experience with Track in Middle School is the races. In high school, they take out some of the basic races you ran in Middle School and switch it up. Some races that they have removed from High School Track is six hundred, twelve hundred, and some others. They also added some new races like sixteen hundred, one mile, thirty-two hundred (aka two miles). It’s so stressful to think about how all the races you were good at are gone. Lucky me!

Another thing that has changed is the heats. In Middle School, you usually run with your grade, unless you want to run with the older students. Now in High School, you run with everybody! There is no more running with your grade. In High School, you run with the people that have a similar time. So like if you’re a ninth grader running a two hundred (half a lap) in forty seconds, there is a possibility you could run with a senior who has a closer time. It’s actually pretty scary to see that your running with people is probably twice your height and older than you!

Something else that I learned about High School Track is that most of the meets for Northland are on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This reminds me of Cross Country all over again. I can’t imagine myself on Saturdays running as I did in Cross Country. I see myself in my bed on a Saturday binge watching funny videos and really good tv shows/movies.

As I go to more practices, I’ve never realized how hard High School Track is. Hopefully, I get the hang of it sooner or later!