New Building? More Kids?

As the year ends, we found out that Northland is adding a new building! Not just any ordinary building, but a building for the Elementary Students.


As School is close to an end, next year there will be a new building! That building comes with Elementary Students! Some High School and Middle School Students are filled with some emotions, happy, mad, confused, frustrated, and excited!

Many Students had lots of questions, wondering if they are sharing buildings? Are the little kids sharing the gym? Will the Middle and High School Students share the new building? I was also interested, wanting to know what they are trying to plan! As we all wonder, what Northland’s plan is. I decided to find out what was going to happen!

I interviewed Secondary Assistant Principal Rene Mouton to see what is Northlands plan.

Will the Elementary Students share some of the same buildings as the Middle and High Schoolers? Which ones?

“Yes, the Elementary Students will share the gym, lunch area, and choir room, but not at the same time,” said Mouton.


Would some of the High School and Middle Schoolers have classes in the new building?

Mouton said, “Yes, both Middle School and High School will have classes in the new building.”

Mouton went on to say, “The entire ES will be moving to this campus. Enrollment for next year has just started, so I do not have an enrollment amount yet.”