Does Football Get Too Much Attention?


At Northland Christian, many students can agree that Football gets a lot of attention. Most of the Football Players honestly think that Football is the best sport at Northland. Some players also believe that Football is the only sport that actually makes progress…how funny.

One reason why I think that Football gets too much attention is that the school paid for a billboard that says, “2016 Football Champions.” I think our school should focus on other sports that are better or equally as good as Football. There are so many sports this year that made it to Playoffs which leads to the next topic!

I feel like there are more successful sports than Football at Northland. For example, Volleyball, Soccer, Track, Softball, and Swim, that doesn’t get equal recognition as Football does. In the First Semester of the school year, our Volleyball team went to Playoffs and actually was celebrated as they were leaving. This was usually a Football thing, but I was glad that the girls had a chance to experience it!

Another reason, Some of our Football Players are cocky. A couple of months ago, we had an argument in class about how Football gets too much attention. As they deny, we proved some really good points! As we were proving that we were right, one former Football Player actually said that Football is the only sport that ACTUALLY makes progress. I will just let them think that! 🙂

I think at Northland Christian School, we should make all the sports equal! No matter how good or the bad the team is,  there shouldn’t be a sport where anyone gets more attention than the others!

For the Chronicle
Northland Christian quarterback Michael Massarella looks for an open receiver as the Cougars took on Ft. Band Christian Academy at Northland Christian School on October 31, 2014.