The Best Outfits At The Oscars!

As everyone knows that The Oscars has already passed! People are not stopping to talk about the outfits the Celebrities wore on that red carpet! As the news was buzzing around, I thought it would be great to share my opinion on some of the outfits that certainly surprised me!

One of my favorite outfits were definitely Jlo’s! At the Oscars, Jlo looked absolutely stunning and her outfit fit her perfectly! In a Youtube Video, someone said,” that she literally looks like a walking mirror ball.” They meant that in a good way. A News Site, Cosmopolitan, said, “She’ll be fielding compliments all night while people are staring at their own reflections.” Jlo’s outfit was definitely one of my favorites.

My second favorite outfit of the Oscars was Amy Adams. Her outfit was outstanding, she wore a strapless mermaid silhouette made by Versace. Talk about beautiful!


Another one of my favorites made me speechless! It looked so beautiful and it was pink, I’m surprised I even liked it! Gemma Chan’s outfit was so beautiful, she was wearing Valentino. All I can say that I was amazed at how beautiful she looked in that dress! She really made pink look pretty in my eyes.

Another outfit that I liked but is extremely interesting is Tessa Thompson wearing Chanel. The outfit is so interesting and unique! I’ve never seen a dress like this before and it really catches my eye!

My next favorite outfit was definitely Jeniffer Hudson! Jennifer Hudson was wearing Elie Saab at the Oscars and she was rocking this outfit. This outfit is definitely one of my favorites! Jeniffer Hudson is looking like an absolute queen is this dress!


These are all of my favorite outfits at the Oscars that really caught my eye! I can not wait for next year to see all the new dresses that the designers will create!

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