Keeping Up With Digital Photography


Corbin Fontana

Corbin Fontana, Writer/ Editor

Sure we hear about choir, art, and even radio broadcast, but what about the underdog. Digital photography. These students work day in and day out to make sure we have a proper cultural arts program here at Northland Christian. A class run by Karen Stork, she keeps the students well informed about the arts of photo creation.

A promising novice Matt Morgan capitalizes on the fact that he has “learned not only how to use photoshop, but how to take photos without only using the automatic setting.” He also goes on to express his love for digital photography by adding, “I would have to say the highpoint of this class is getting explore and take pictures using our creativity.” Promising words from a dedicated senior.

After interviewing and researching into digital photography, I now realize the unending possibilities that this class brings to the table, and yet again, another great class Northland also brings to the table.

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