Joel’s Hole: What’s Wrong With the World Today?

You know, you here stuff like “This Year was the worst year to date!” or “I wish I was born in the 90’s!”, but we have it pretty good. I mean, this is me speaking to people who live in America so I can’t really speak for those in war torn or poorer countries than mine. As it is in my life at a broader scale, we’re sitting in a good place now. That doesn’t mean that we’ve got nothing to worry about or no problems. There are tons of things you could put into a list that affects most of us or atleast reminds us of its own existence. From things on a minor-ish scale like social media’s ups and downs to the social movements and growing division and isolation of different groups. Things like that are what, in my opinion, make up what is wrong with the world today.


Social Media is something I’m actually kind of a novice in. The length of my interaction with people through the internet is xbox live parties and reddit occasionally. I own a snapchat now, but that was more of a meme thing when it was hot and someone told me it would be fun. It was ok, but I’m not the type of person to bother with anything other than the few things that I’m involved with at a time. This made me pretty surprised when you hear all the stuff about “cyber bullying” or other weird phrases that mainstream news tends to latch onto. Like, I thought to myself that it isn’t hard to unplug yourself from the computer and just do something, but now i understand how that line of thought is moot. It’s more about slander and how that can really affect people and why it’s so hard to avoid. Another thing this kind of involves too is suicide and the way that it’s kind of become synonymous with the time I live in. So, keeping each other aware of what we should and shouldn’t say. That then leads into another problem with censorship of expression and even more slander and misunderstanding. I could go on about this forever, but i’ll just segway into the fake news part of the article by saying, Speaking of Slander!


Fake News is a buzzword that has been spun by a pretty controversial figure at this time but it is something need to be taken seriously, as the use of the internet had grown, it has been used as a tool for spreading ideas and thoughts to more people than anybody has been able to throughout time. With this power comes a responsibility with the producer of the work and the consumer. The producer is relied upon to provide content that the consumer can trust in news wise. Of course this doesn’t apply to all forms of content on the internet, but those who claim to avoid satire and are widely regarded and accepted as a source for news should be completely honest and should follow a certain code of ethics. This is so they uphold the statute of reporting that generally exists in credible news sources. On the other hand, we consumers should be aware of the risks that come with digesting so much information with such ease by swiping with our thumb. Now though, younger generations are setting a precedent of not believing all they read (sort of) and that leaves a bit more hope regarding fake news and consumer awareness but that doesn’t change the way some people segment themselves into groups…was that a good segue?


I personally think the lack of compromise that some people have regarding politics is wack. My leaning on the political side is probably more left than right, all things considered, but I think politics has become a little too mainstream for me. Too many people are throwing their hat into the ring about social politics and larger external affairs, but politics should be considered on smaller scales like local elections and such. Also, I think the swinging between Democrat and Republican presidents is healthy for the U.S. and the outrage that some people feel towards elections is unjustified. I mean, whoever is elected is elected fairly enough and should be given a chance to govern. Another problem is that I think we haven’t progress enough as a society to live like this. Even I can’t stay TRUE NEUTRAL when I see some of the injustices that Trump commits but we only have one more year of him so we’ll live.


In the end though, all these things: Social Media, Fake News and Politics wont end my life or cause the downfall of society, they just exist in the back of mind and can’t do anything to end what i’ve got going. So for now i’ll just chill out and lie my life until it affects me i guess.

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