Movie Star Monday is fast approaching!

Harper Reaves, Writer/Editor

With homecoming fast approaching, people are starting to come up with dress up day ideas. Who should I dress up as for Movie Star Monday? Should I go with a well known movie like Mean Girls, or should I do a classic like Gone With the Wind? High school students at Northland came up with their favorite movie or TV show so we can kind of get an idea of what to expect.

Jessica Ward, a senior here at Northland, said that her favorite show was Grey’s Anatomy, because she finds “medicine interesting and it’s very dramatic.” And Courtney Coffman, the Northland debate coach, said her favorite show was also Grey’s Anatomy, and that for Movie Star Monday, even though she isn’t a movie star, she is going to go as Lexi Grey, from Grey’s Anatomy. It seems that Grey’s Anatomy seems to be a fan favorite, so be expecting lots of people in scrubs next Monday!

Make sure to poll in and say what your favorite TV show is so we know what to expect next Monday. And go all out with your costumes, because you never know, you might just be featured in an article!

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