Opinions with Cam

Changes on Campus

This year, Northland Christian is going through a big change on our campus. The school combined the Elementary campus and the Middle and High School campus together so now everyone is on our campus. The elementary school came in the summer of 2019 and had many people working late at night and early morning to get it ready for the first day of school. Many people had doubts about whether or not the elementary will be ready for the first day of school but some had doubts that the whole school wouldn’t be ready for the first day.

Northland Christian School is a small school, but with the extensions into Building 8, and the elementary moving into Building 7, it makes the school seem so much bigger than it truly is. The campus has expanded to the office building that was next door and now that is Building 8. The building provides dorms for the International students, and also provides classes for Bible, Social Studies, Art, Yearbook and middle school English. It also has the Business offices upstairs, which provides help for all the incoming students and it also has Mr. Woods office and Mrs. Gould, the school nurse, is upstairs in Building 8. Nothing severe has changed in any of the other building, besides Building 7, which was emptied and and made into the new elemetary campus. Before the elementary was here, they were having school at Bammel Church of Christ, which is just down the street from our campus. They were at Bammel ever since 1974, that was when the school first started, and now they are here with everyone else.

A new school year has just started and with the first couple of days behind us, everyone is getting the hang of the drop-offs and the pick-ups for every student. Many people had thoughts about this new campus and didn’t think it was going to happen, or didn’t think it was going to work out, but we have proved the people that we can do it. Northland is in for a big change in scenary and is also in for a big future ahead.