Homecoming with the international students

Frank Chen, writer

During the last year I already heard about the homecoming dance, it is kind like a dance party, and the people in their will dance and song, just like a party.also very one will dress up during the dance it must be very fun.and also for international student it is the good chance to make a new friend. so for me I want go to the homecoming this time, it will not make disappoint.

Also other student are also so excited about homecoming, because the can wear the cloths that they want, it was very fun.

For me, my  favorite day was pajama day, because on that day we can wear very comfortable, I love that.

Bruce Hu says that he love wearing his pajama, because it can make he fell very comfortable.

Winston Wang says he love this week because it makes he fell relax and also he will be homecoming dance.