The Brady Bunch


Episode 5 of the Bachelor was one to remember!  It was filled with drama, excitement, and surprises.  This was one of the more dramatic episodes during this season.  This was a three hour episode instead of 2 hours.  That allowed more time for more drama.

Some key moments during this episode were the two one on one dates, the group date, and an argument between two of the girls. Peter gave one on one dates to Sydney and Kelsey.  Both of them left those dates with a rose.  Hannah Ann received the group date rose.  That kept those girls safe during the rose ceremony at the end of the episode.

During the rose ceremony at the end of the episode, Shyanne and Lexi were the only two girls to be sent home.  Shyanne left Peter a little message before she headed out.  She warned him that some of those girls on the show are not who he thinks they are.  That rose ceremony closed out the very dramatic episode 5.

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