The increasing price of masks

Frank Chen and Bruce Hu

As we know, the coronavirus is spreading in China now. It’s a hard time for medical staff. Now the shortage of medical resources is very serious. Masks are sold out not only in China, but also in the United States, Japan and even Thailand.

Some people knew this, so they bought a lot of masks. Then they raised the price of the mask. The price of the mask which used to be 2 dollars per piece has increased to 8 dollars per piece. These people made plenty of money from selling masks. But it made the situation more serious. Those hospitals and people  who really need masks can’t afford these high price masks.The more difficult it becomes to eliminate the virus completely

Q:Frank            A:Winston

Q:Do you know there is a virus inWuhan China

A:Yes. I do know coronavirus is spreading in Wuhan now.

Q:There are some people in China selling the high price masks for patients. What do you think of some people use this opportunity to raise mask prices sell them to those people in need

A:Yes, I heard some people raise the price of a mask to more than ten times the previous price.

I think it is really bad  to made money from those people in need. People should be responsible to their country and society. These masks can save many people’s life