Interview with the Dorm Parents

Frank Chen, hahaha

Today I interview  Mr.and Mis Collance. They are very kind dorm parents, thy take care of us, and cook for us during this special time, they take us play the kit ball just for our health, to makes us healthy during the special time.

At first, I ask them What makes you become dorm parents, they told me they already have a few years of experiment. So I think that the reason why they can take care of us so nice. And then the question was when did you join the Northland family? They told me they come to NCS last year. The third question was Do you love you Job? Absolutely they answer yes. Then the questions were What do you think about this virus? They say they are not panic, and they will take care of us during this time, the campus is totally safe. Also, we believe God will protect us. The last questions were What differences for your work between before the virus and now? They say because of distance school so they have to schedule our time and take care of us as well.

At last, I want thanks to them for taking care of us, recently they are more busy than usual, because of this different time.