These days in dorm

During these days, we have to stay in dorm. It’s really boring time, we even can’t go outside to buy a coke. It almost drives me crazy.

But we still get some things to do. people in dorm use different ways to relax themselves so that they won’t feel depressed.

Let me introduce you to my daily routine. At 7:00 am, that is the time that I wake up, get up from my bed, and start off a brand new day. The dorm will provide breakfast from 7 to 8 am, and that’s when we will eat. One thing to notice is that breakfast is no longer provided after 8. So you want to be quick for breakfast, don’t stay up too late. After breakfast will be our school time, which is from 8 am to 3 pm. During this time we will get on to our laptop and start online classes. If you don’t have a class on a period, you can do your own thing, like homeworks or video games if you want, but just remember to be quiet, because there are some other students in the dorm that have classes. And after school, we are completely free.


For me, I like to watch some movies when I am free, and I can really spend a long time doing that. There is one time that I spend nearly 6 hours watching movies. I’d also like to take pictures and make movies of my own after school.


Sometimes Mr Collins will take us to the gym if we want. Cause you know, nobody is in school right now, we can just basically go everywhere in school if we want. Sometimes he will make everybody go to the track to enjoy and to exercise so that we can be healthy. 

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