The dorm becomes more fun during the virus.


Frank Chen, writer

Before we leave the dorm in the morning and come back after school, but now we have to stay at dorm whole days, so something different…

Now, we don’t have to wear a school uniform during the school day, and just like at home, the time is more valuable, we can decide what should we do first and what’s the next, we can take a break anytime we want. also, stay at the dorm we have some activity, we can play the game on the Jam, and they who;e school belongs to us during this special time.

Also, our dear dorm parents will cook for us, it really good, sometimes we have the food from the restaurant and Chicken fla. But now, the dorm will become empty slowly, some people are live, come back to China and some move out the dorm.

I will go back to China next Friday, it makes me sad, because some of my dorm mates may the last time I see them because they are 12th and we may never have chance to see them again. Also, I have no chance to say goodbye to the 12th-grade friends, they will move to college and I have no chance to say bye. I can’t believe that we have to leave each other in this way, but I have the best wish for them, I hope they can safe in this special time and have a good time at college.

So, during this time everything changer a lot, also the dorm change a lot, but we do not feel lonely because we are together, we help each other.

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