Figuring Things Out With Marshall

We Need Normal Life Back


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Welp, goodbye senior year. It’s been nice knowing you high school. This is my current situation in life right now. This week Governor Abbot stated that all Texas school will be cancelled for the remainder of the school year. Well, not cancelled, but will remain online; which is actually worse. I wish that something else could have been done, but it is what it is I guess. Many drastic decisions are being made in a chaotic time right now. Everyone of them are being made in the thought of our safety, but people are always going to have different stances on the topic.

The Coronavirus is tormenting the entire world right now. It has derailed normal life as we know it, and the end is unclear. Many jobs are out of session, which means people are out of work. The economy seems to be heading for a black hole if we cannot go back to work. indicates that “most major economies will lose at least 2.4 of the value of their gross domestic product”. Schools are also out of session. Senior years are getting cut short, and sport seasons are also coming to an early end. All of this is a result of the decisions from our government. Personally, I disagree with some of the drastic measures that are being taken. I agree, this is a global pandemic which needs to be taken seriously; but we cannot stay on a lockdown for 7 months. Imagine what our economy will look like. It could be something as bad since the Great Depression. A month in, people are already getting laid off left and right. What will be happening in if this keeps on. I agree, we need to get a handle on the situation, but we must return to normal life somewhere in the near future.

The entire world is wondering when all of this mess will be over with. America is taking drastic measures in order to get a handle on the virus. This is all in so we can be safe. Although we cannot live like this for much longer. The country will not be the same if we do not go back to normal life. We need to figure out this virus soon, and return to a normal world.

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