My quarantine time

Quarantine is boring

Last Friday I have the flight to China. This is the most tired travel in my entire life; its tired, because people have to check the temperature, so it really spends time.

When I spend nearly two days on the way I finally arrive to China, it fell so well back home, but before I back to my house and see my family I have to accept 14 days quarantine. So after we leave the airport, the government sending us to the hotel for quarantine. Today morning the government told us a lady on our plane was confirm COVID, her seat is 51F, so all the people who sit 48-56 have to move to another place to isolation. I am so lucky because my seat was 58.

It kind like boring during the quarantine because one person one room and no one talks to you and you can see nobody on those 14 days; the only people we can see every day is the people send food to us every day. They wear the protective suit, gloves, masks so I can’t even see their face, so the only information I know about them as I can know they are male or female from their voice.

Since I back to China I face many challenges. First I have a little bit worried about my health situation, because someone has COVID on our plane. On the other hand, I have to keep awake until 2 am because of the distance school. So, for now, I pray everything is going well, finishing quarantine and back home.

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